Grease Trap Cleaning Company in West Michigan

Grease Trap Cleaning West Michigan

Grease trap cleaning is a mandatory, routine procedure, needed to ensure the safety of the cooking areas of restaurants and other facilities such as hospitals that have cooking areas.  Self-cleaning is never a good option, and dangerous without the correct equipment and protective gear.  Safety for workers is of paramount importance – this service is best left to the professionals at West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain Service!

For a busy restaurant, grease trap cleaning is recommended at least every 6 weeks, and closer to every 4th week is preferable.  Local regulations may also apply to a facility’s plan for cleaning grease traps.  A popular restaurant should not risk shutting down due to an unmaintained grease trap, which will cause clogging and back-up in the sewage system.  Leave the work to us – we’ll keep your grease traps clean and functioning safely as per any regulatory requirements!  Contact us today!

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