Professional Septic, Sewer and Drain Service, and Excavation in Grand Haven, Michigan

septic system is necessary for every home or business in Grand Haven, MI. Some people in the city opt to use the public sewer system instead of a septic tank system. If you are far from the city or don’t want to avail of the municipal sewer system, chances are you have a septic tank.

West Michigan Septic Sewer and Drain Service equipped with the latest technology in detecting problems with your septic tank, maintenance, and inspections in Grand Haven, Michigan, sewer and drains, lift pump, sink, and tub line, excavation, and more. We conduct a full check of your septic tank and drainage fields to ensure everything is working properly and to keep operating at optimal levels. Contact us today at 616-847-1072!

Septic System

Your septic system may need to lift wastewater from a lower pressure area to a higher-pressure area to overcome gravity and spatial concerns. A lift pump is used to pump waste to filtering drain fields.

How does a septic system work?

  • First, the water and household waste from homes passed through the sewer pipe and reaches the septic tank.
  • Household rubbish, water, body waste, and substances are treated on-site. Inside the tank, the wastes form into three layers.
  • The scum or any light substance floats on the top layer.
  • The clear water stays in the middle, while the sludge or heavy particles settle at the bottom.
  • The middle layer which consists of purely liquid or clear water goes into the drain field.

Our services include:

Sewer and Drain Service

The sewer and drain service company in Grand Haven must be able to work on both big and smack jobs. Some companies prioritize on big projects that small repairs by homeowners lack timely service. If equal treatment is given to both big and small jobs, consumers will enjoy the best prices for high-quality service and timely response.

To solve your septic sewer and drain problems, you may call West Michigan Septic Sewer and Drain Service.

We provide a complete sewer line and drain line repair and services, including:

  • Sewer and Vent Lines Cleared
  • Interior Fixtures Cleared (Sinks, Tubs, Etc)
  • Floor Drains Cleared
  • Lift Pump Installation and Services
  • Sewer Line Installation and Service
  • And more
Sewer and Drain Service
excavation service

strong foundation plays a vital role it keeps the building upright, and it provides safety for the occupants during calamities like typhoons, floods, and earthquakes.

Heckman’s Contracting Incorporated produces professional excavation services for all your needs.  This includes all necessary city permitsresidential and commercial workseptic system repairs, septic system installation, sewer line installation, and sewer line repairs.


Trusted Grand Haven Septic Sewer and Drain Service

West Michigan Septic Sewer and Drain Service were established in 1987. We are also certified by the Michigan Septic Tank Association (MSTA), and DNR Licensed Health Department Approved. It is also known to have possessed the above four qualities of the best Septic Sewer and Drain Service Company. With WMSSD, the client is assured of a hundred percent consumer satisfaction and excellent service. Contact us today!

Give us a call at 616-847-1072 for service requests in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Contact us through the following numbers!

West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain
West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain
West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain
West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain
West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain
West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain
West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain


drainage-maintenance wmssd

How do Septic and Sewer System Function?

A septic and sewer system Michigan is inexpensive compared to the sewer centralized system. How to avoid septic, sewer, and drain system problems? Regular septic and sewer maintenance is very important to keep your system working fine at all times. What is septic and sewers system: Facilities to manage water and waste substances through pipes. Most common in rural…

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Hydro Jetting: To Unclog Pipes

A blockage in your sewer lines may result in clogged drains and possibly cause to contaminate your water supply. Once you have experienced reoccurring clogged pipes in your home or commercial building, you must seek an expert technician to check your sewer system line. Your sewer pipelines will accumulate small particles and debris over time.…

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Grease Trap Cleaning

Commercial Grease Traps Cleaning Maintenance

The most challenging problem in the commercial kitchen in  Muskegon, Michigan is to maintain the FOG (fats, oil, grease)  in the kitchen. To fix this, many restaurant owners all have grease trap/grease interceptor installed for their kitchen. It traps the FOG from the wastewater coming out of kitchen drains, dishwashers, and sinks, allowing it to join the sewer systems without any hindrance. But…

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grease trap

How to Avoid Grease Trap from Smelling

What is a grease trap? A  grease trap in  Michigan is essentially a plumbing device that is meant to trap grease and another build-up from entering the wastewater disposal system. Grease traps are critical for preventing clogs and other plumbing damages from happening, specifically concerning grease. Grease is thick in density and does not dissolve or mix with…

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