Sewer Line Back-Ups-Plugged Sewer Company in West Michigan

Sewer back-ups happen when the main sewer line gets clogged, just like drain pipes can clog.  Routine maintenance of your sewer system can help prevent clogging, but home / business owners can also help by not flushing items such as napkins, diapers or other miscellaneous waste down toilets and being careful with what is put down a garbage disposal.  Tree roots can also be the culprit in clogging sewer lines – even from a tree in a neighbor’s yard!

Broken or collapsed sewer lines can also be the cause of your sewage back-up.  Most importantly, do not try to unclog your sewer with harmful chemicals, which may actually do more harm than good!  Call the qualified, licensed technicians at West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain Service who will quickly diagnose and get your sewer system back to safely functioning. Contact us today!

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